Kitchen Cleaning Tips For Melbourne Residents

If you are a cook, a kitchen is your fairyland. It has all the appliances to make your work easier and food tastier. But with great food, there are also the responsibilities of serving the healthier and hygienic food. The first step is to clean kitchen. Kitchen has all kind of an organic waste but if we let the waste sit for long. The waste becomes the home to bacteria.


So to start with a proper kitchen here comes cleaning your kitchen “A STEP BY STEP GUIDE” by housecleaning

Empty dishwasher and an empty sink: Make sure before you cook, the dishwasher is empty as bacteria live on dirty utensils. Lesgrandsrangs says that it would be good to rinse the dish right away after use instead of letting them sit out overnight.

Clean the slab: When the dishwasher is clean and you soap the sink properly. Clean and wipe the slap soft wet kitchen cloth.

Keep the kitchen tiles clean: Due to excessive cooking sometimes the dirt and dust settle on tiles and becomes greasy.

Maintain your cookware and knives once a month: Check for your stainless steel pan and pots. If it has stains and the coating/ polish is all removed. It is time to buy a new one. Knives might also have gotten rusty and spotty. get rid of them.

Oil your cutting boards once a month: On the same note, it really takes 5 minutes to oil all your wooden cutting boards. Do that for all your wooden spoons as well. If you take care of them once a month who would spend money on replacing them in every 3 months.

Keep the right cleaning tool close by: I can understand the frustration when you try that new cleaning agent and tool and it leaves ALL THE SPOTS ON the vessel right where it was. There is no point in rubbing your utensils so hard with that one tool that it takes up all the energy you are left. There got to be a better way to find both the thing right. I don’t have the reason of clogging too many tools and agents under your kitchen sink. Please narrow them down to two. Kindly keep both of them at your reach so that you don’t lose your temper at the time of emergency of spilling.

Keep your counter tops clear, and then clean them properly: Oh! Don’t you love to decorate those countertops of your kitchen? But do you realize those things if too many in number make it look messy and claustrophobic, clear countertops are invigorating and inspiring. Kitchen like this sends an invite to cook.

Your recycling can and a trash can should be bigger than what you have expected: Putting waste in bags around that recycling can, garbage is kind of overflowing from that trash can. Please stop making immature solutions like keep another bag for all the waste. Just go and buy bigger can. The above site makes your kitchen look clustered.

Develop good cooking habits: I mean don’t just bring in the takeouts and reheat them. Or just boil and deforest the chicken on that stainless pan. Cook something healthy with fresh essence in your kitchen.

Happy cooking keeps a kitchen clean: Try and enter the kitchen in a good and happy mood. Healthy and delicious food comes with love in your heart. If you cook meal happy your utensils like rice cooker will near have spoons dents and removed polish and burnt stain. You will not burn anything in anger. You can also get more cooking tips from the facebook-house cleaning melbourne