Tips to Repair the Gas Tankless Water Heater

This article will certainly help you in dealing with troubleshooting of the gas water heater, and the best and possible remedies to fix it. Two ways by which you can ensure the problems with the water heater.  If the Water Heater Pilot Light is not switching on, the water heater won’t function properly. The next question might be with the Gas Water Heater Thermocouple, which is more complicated. Read the article out and get a solution to either of your problem.

Some other faults may be leaks, sediment, pressure relief valves, and anode rods.All these tankless water heater fixing tips describe on website,must check and fix this. The gas from the Gas Water Heater should be dealt cautiously, or there might be an explosion if the gas leaks without ignition.

Steps to Repair Gas Tankless Water Heater

  • Check the pilot light

You must ensure that the gas water heater is turned on. Control the gas knob to pilot, preventing it from igniting when checking inside. Dismantle the metal cover below the water heater, and examine whether the burner or the PILOT light are lit with a small flame at the base of the pilot tube.

  • Clean the blockage in the Gas inlet tube

Sometimes water heater pilot light does not turn on because there can be a partial or full blockage in the gas inlet tube. If it is so, then turn the handle keeping it parallel to the line, and try to relight it. If the pilot light does not switch-on still, then there is a possible chance of a defective thermocouple. Call a water heater repairer to change the thermocouple.

  • Repair the gas leakage

The smell of the gas in the water heater is somewhat like rotten garlic. If there is a leakage, immediately turn the gas valve knob to the OFF option. Ventilate the area, and wait for the gas to dispel and call the plumber or the water gas heater company, with no delay.

  • Burner replacement

Sometimes it can also be a problem with the burner. Check the burner indication, if it is not lighting up change the cover, and ensure that the thermostat must be set to 125 degrees F. Now turn on the hot water faucet and wait for 2-3 minutes to see whether the burner ignites or not. If still, it fails to ignite, lower the temperature knob, and then gradually increasing it.

Now if the burner is properly working, change the cover and put back the thermostat to its initial position. If it isn’t, then the best option left for you, is to replace the thermostat with the help of a water heater attendant.

  • Replace the thermocouple

The main problem due to which the burner doesn’t light and the heater pilot does not work is a defective thermocouple. It helps in the flow of gas in the lamp. There might be partial sedimentation in the thermocouple which resists the gasoline to flow in the stove.

  • Cautions that you must follow

Water heater requires periodic maintenance, from 2 to 3 times a month. Besides gas leakage, the pressure relief valve needs monthly check, failing to do so it may cause deadly injuries. You must repair the gas water heater under professionals, to lower the risk of your own life.

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